Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What to do if you have a dental emergency in Ballarat?

    • A: If urgent care is needed, please call us from 9am onwards and we will do everything possible to arrange a same day emergency appointment.
  • Q: What will happen at my first visit at Ballarat Essential Dental?

    • A: We allocate extended time to discuss your dental history, current state of oral health and discuss future wants or needs. Appropriate tests, radiographs and photographs may be needed. Once we have decided on a coarse of treatment we will formulate a treatment plan which will outline all appointments required, treatments carried out at teach visit and the expected costs.
  • Q: When should children first have an appointment?

    • A: A parent educative appointment is highly recommended within the child's first year, "a show, tell, do" visit should be organised by 2 ½ years. Don't wait till there is a problem.
      A pleasant, positive first visit is the goal.
  • Q: Can I bleach/whiten my teeth?

    • A: Bleaching is safe BUT professional assessment is required before commencing as mouths can have contraindications such as sensitive teeth, biotype gums, toothbrush abrasions, internal stains, hypoplastic enamel, multiple fillings or other restorations which won't bleach. A full assessment of starting shade and all the above factors will be required.
  • Q: Why do my gums bleed?

    • A: Plaque forms constantly in all mouths. If your regular brushing is not effective at removing the plaque it will sit around the gums causing them to become red and inflamed. When these gums are brushed they will bleed. Bleeding gums require a professional clean followed by careful oral hygiene instructions to maintain their health.
  • Q: Wisdom tooth pain?

    • A: If persistent or severe, we suggest you phone for an emergency appointment. At this appointment we will assess your wisdom teeth and advise of any treatment required to relieve the pain. In complex cases we may suggest a referral to a specialist to have your wisdom teeth removed under General Anaesthetic.
  • Q: Why do I need x-rays?

    • A: Early dental decay especially in between teeth can only be seen on x-rays.
      To assess the health of all oral structures such as teeth, bones, sinuses and joints.

      Early problems often have no symptoms.
  • Q: How often should I brush/floss?

    • A: Brushing carefully after breakfast and before bed is recommended daily. Flossing once a day would be ideal.

      Interdental Brushing.
  • Q: Why fill baby teeth?

    • A: Baby teeth are necessary for health eating, speech development, face growth optimisation and adult tooth alignment. Not to mention the importance to self-esteem of a happy smile.

      Baby teeth decay faster than adult teeth and painful toothache and its treatment is to be avoided if possible.