Orthodontic treatment is recommended for malaligned teeth and jaws. The aim of orthodontic treatment is to maintain healthy teeth and gums in an optimal alignment for a lifetime of function and aesthetics.  All teeth move with time but modern orthodontics optimises dentitions for a lifetime.

Orthodontic treatment can involve the use of braces or plates or a combination of both. The best results can be achieved when children are growing in their early teenage years.
Braces can also often be recommended for adults to optimize life-long function and aesthetics. In many cases, orthodontic correction is a crucial part of the combination of treatment for those who want to improve their overall dental condition and prevent breakdown because of genetic bad-luck.

Children's teeth are assessed at their first dental visit (recommended before 2 ½ year's old). Ongoing assessment occurs at each check-up and a referral to a specialist orthodontist is recommended at the appropriate age.